This man demands respect. He grips the thin part of the glass, and as the drink approaches his mouth he pauses. "Since 1999 I have been working on several projects under the radar. Just a couple years ago they have surfaced ready for a full launch to the masses. These projects are rolling as we speak, but still need final touches to run strong." He then takes a sip. I noticed the right pinky finger slightly lifted off the table as he looked in the room; it was him speaking to the chosen few that reached this area of the brasserie. Did I mention, he gets his respect!.? A bottle wrapped in a linen towel was presented to the table by the winked waitress and a man in a pressed penguin's suit. "Mr. Williams it's from the man sitting with his family across the bar." Troy looked, and slightly said, "Credit my account." The penguin nodded and turned swiftly as Troy faintly tilted his head to the Judge of thankfulness.